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Hi all, this post 100% changed many of your financial problems. As I mentioned in the title Beginner, because they have a lot of confusion (where to learn and start, no time, money, technical knowledge and are stuck in the middle of the process. There are so many reasons for not earning). Here you can find your entire doubts clear and simple step by step tutorial. Before jumping into the money making process let’s have a look who needs this amazing opportunity.

Ok, as you see in the above section, there are even more reasons people are struggling in their day to day life. No more worries I will clear your entire problem in this article, pay attention to the detailed information.

In this post, we are going to sell T-Shirt Design and earn commission. I know many of you don’t know t-shirt design but don’t worry without design you can earn money with this trick.

We have to focus before starting this online business. Choose what kind of category people buy more t-shirts, it’s not about gender or age? There are many category people who love to wear T-Shirts but my high recommendation goes for Sports & Fitness people. These people want to wear motivational t-shirts and buy a lot compared to other categories. So no confusion to choose which niche for t-shirt design and go for other niche also no issue.

Next point is how to do t-shirt design. Here are the ready-made sports & fitness graphics available, will share the download link at the end of this article. Create Your Own Design Without Graphic Knowledge. In this unique vector bundle graphic you can access all this stuff. Each sport has 30+ vector silhouettes, flat icons and 10+ realistic accessories clipart.

What is inside bundle – Top 10 Sports + Fitness

  • 350+ Vector Silhouette Clipart
  • 350+ Vector Free Flat Icons
  • 90+ Realistic Accessories Vector Clipart
  • Supporting Format: (Ai, Eps, SVG, Pdf, Jpeg & Png)

After download the graphic bundle, need to know how to use it and earn money.

So simple, use the artwork and earn 5 types of commission. (Remember no design work)

  1. Just re-uploaded the design to specific platforms and earn commission on copyright issues you have full rights to use personal and commercial, will share those earning platforms at the end of this article.
  2. Use the graphic and add some quotes and upload to earn commission.
  3. Mix the artwork, change color, add some quotes and upload to earn commission.
  4. Use the artwork and add sports player names and upload to earn commission.
  5. Earn from simple logo design just use artwork, change color and add some effects that’s it.

This bundle graphics are suitable for T-shirt, Mug, Stickers, Pillow Cover, Post Card, Accessories, Smartphone & Laptop back cover and much more. So you can earn from more products with one graphic.

Now the major part is Traffic for any money making method. But in this method not required traffic because all those platforms take care of traffic, you have to use the right keywords.

Let’s have a look at Title, Description and tags.

  • 1. Title should be relevant to your artwork
  • 2. Write a description about your artwork and use tags to make sentences.
  • 3. Try to use the tags including title and description. Let’s split into 3 types of tags for your artwork. 

Use Google keywords – for example search Ronaldo t-shirt and you find the trick keywords at the end of the page.

Use store search bar keywords

After selecting the similar product on the top of the page. You can see at the end of the page all trick tags.

Now the final steps to finish:

Step 1:

Keep your business name; email is ready to start and having some short profile description one or two lines is enough. In this method the logo is not required to start to earn.

Step 2:

Sign up on all these platforms and activate the account verified by email. It’s absolutely free. Add basic profile information.

You can easily sell to these successful online stores and earn $1k to $5k per month.

GearbubbleRedbubbleEstyMerch by Amazon
ViralstyleTeepublicCreative MarketTeespring

Step 3:

Upload 2 designs per day to all active shops. Make sure to use the right title, description and tags as we see in the previous steps. Let’s have a look at the upload image dimension size 5500×5500 ppi, 150 dpi and Png format. This size will suit all platforms and products (stickers, T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Post Card, Pillow Cover, etc.). If you have time to resize then do it for different products. JPEG format is also fine but highly preferred Png.

Step 4:

Make sure to add and verify payment mode either PayPal or Payoneer or Bank Transfer. You don’t have a PayPal or Payoneer account you can easily create with your email. Withdraw your amount every month of 15th and they keep the minimum amount that should be reached like $20 to $50, few other platforms you can get instant commission to your account after sale with no minimum threshold.

Step 5:

Repeat the upload process, here the trick (for example 2 designs per day into 10 platforms= 20 designs uploaded per day, let’s calculate one month 20×30= 600 designs uploaded). Just think about $100 to $200 single site per month, then calculate 10 sites you can easily get $1000 to $2000 per month without any extra work.

Important Note: No need to watch and learn many YouTube videos, blogs, and pay for digital courses. Just follow this one article enough to start and earn money as a beginner. The only investment is Vector bundle graphics worth $117 along with a 70$ offer you can get it. Now the discounted price is $35 just for one time investment.

Here the samples of vector bundle graphics:

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Highlight of Unique Vector Bundle Graphics (Sports & Fitness)

  • No Technical Skills
  • No Need Traffic
  • Super Easy Editable Vector Graphics
  • Earn Multiple Ways to Just upload Readymade Graphics
  • Lifetime Passive Income
  • Worldwide Opportunity
  • Low Cost
  • 100% Passive Income
  • Free to use for personal and commercial purpose
  • Supporting Format (Ai, Eps, SVG, Pdf, Jpeg & Png)

INDIAN users can access the below link to download

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