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30 Million Visitors With This 3 Simple Free Traffic Source

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In this post I will share another set of 30 million free traffic sources for your website. Make sure to follow all steps as per the instructions.


The first is called flipboard.com. Flipboard, which was started as a magazine-style feed reader some time back, is presently one of the top decisions for feed reading and substance disclosure on different gadgets (smartphones, tablets and desktops).

Monthly VisitsAvg. DurationBounce RateGlobal Rank
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomGermany

How to use Flipboard:

  • Simple email SignUp
  • Super simple interface
  • Create a magazine and flip through your website or affiliate link
  • No need to follow any group
  • Write some valuable content and then paste your website link or affiliate link, if your content is really outstanding, you will get instant boom traffic
  • Post regularly, at least one or two per day
  • Start divert traffic


The second one is called getpocket.com. Pocket is the place where you’ll discover intriguing stories from all over the web, here in one spot. Getpocket fueled by a community of interesting individuals with curious personalities.

Monthly VisitsAvg. DurationBounce RateGlobal Rank
United StatesGermanyJapanCanada

How to use Getpocket:

  • Simple email SignUp
  • Super easy interface
  • No need create content or follow groups
  • Just one clicks and adds your website or affiliate link that’s it. Make sure to try to post quality content, you will see automatic traffic because there is no additional work you’re your side.
  • Post regularly, at least one per day
  • Start divert traffic


The last one is called news360.com. It’s a news site and furthermore accessible in an android and iOS application. It works very well, almost all categories of innovation to travel. News360 applications are the absolute best evaluated in the News class, and have been chosen as included application store applications on every one of the stages we at any point delivered them on.

Monthly VisitsAvg. DurationBounce RateGlobal Rank
United StatesCanadaPolandAustralia

How to use News360:

  • Click on publisher option to SignUp
  • Not simple registration because you need domain based email to SignUp
  • After that news360 verify your account, wait for 2 to 3 days for approval, if you don’t receive any mail from them that case you are not eligible to post your content in their platform
  • After receiving your account verified mail, start writing your content along with website or blog link
  • The best part is news360 pick content from you to promote their platform, if really your content value for readers
  • Don’t use direct affiliate link, use landing page or website link
  • Easy interface
  • Post regularly at least one per day
  • Start divert traffic

These free traffic sources have a joined reach of 30 million visitors. So don’t waste your time and start diverting traffic to your website.

Best of Luck

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