You are currently viewing Honest AppointBee Review | One of the Best Online Booking System?

Honest AppointBee Review | One of the Best Online Booking System?

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AppointBee Review – Introduction

AppointBee created by Harshal and Nakul (Techpreneur & Marketering Professionals)

So, the AppointBee is worth your money. You ask? I will check if it suits all your needs, and if I find out that it does, I’ll give you some my honest opinion today.

There are a lot of reviews out there claiming to tell you the truth about various business related products and services, but I didn’t want you to get burned so I created this AppointBee review. Don’t just take my word for it—check out the next section of the review to find out how AppointBee can help your business.

AppointBee Review: What It Is Exactly?

The AppointBee is an excellent tool for YOU to Deliver YOUR Appointment Services!

Business owners can solve all these problems with AppointBee! We offer local businesses a fully optimized, hands-free appointment system that can save time & money.

AppointBee is a tool that allows you to set appointments for businesses and then find them easily. It is powered by WordPress and uses an extensive client finder called “AppointBee Leads” to help find websites missing an appointment system.

AppointBee is a professional appointment booking system that can be used to help any business run more smoothly. In addition to that, all of their systems are available across various devices and you can use them for finding your competitors’ websites.

AppointBee is an automated software that’s great for scheduling demos, business meetings service appointments, pay bills and other events. It allows people to book their own appointments and schedule things that could take away from the time they need to spend on more important things.

AppointBee’s advanced online appointment scheduling software provides enterprise-level features such as automated text reminders, mobile scheduling, class and group scheduling, GoToMeeting integration and more.

AppointBee Review – Effortless Make An Appointment

AppointBee Review

AppointBee interface is incredibly easy to use and managing your scheduling can be done on the spot. It’s easy to set up, and thanks to their free setup, you don’t have to worry about any fees for using it properly.

You can control over bookings, manage payments, create landing pages, and provide professional customer service without headaches.

The AppointBee’s appointment scheduling software is great for any business with a large number of clients. Whether you’re a huge academic institution that enrolls thousands of students or a massage therapist with just part-time practice, you’ll find these capabilities right at your fingertips.

Managing your day, meeting management, reminders, online payment acceptance – AppointBee makes it stunning & easy work for you!

With the world of digital technology and marketing evolving, it has never been easier to use an all-in-one appointment booking tool. Bookings can be made via email and phone 24/7, payments are automated, there are a lot of additional features for business managers – including marketing!

Create app booking websites for local businesses to help them get more appointments & grow their business. Packed with features to help them get more leads, sales, and profit. Increase appointments and minimize cancellations

Create a booking schedule with AppointBee so easy & effective, you automatically provide local businesses with a way for appointments and customers to book more easily. You offer a monthly subscription service that can charge different pricing options for the same service, such as $100.

Overview Of AppointBee Review:

VendorHarshal and Nakul
Launch Date05/08/22
Front-End Price$37
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official SiteClick Here
Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheLocal Appointment Booking Software

AppointBee Demo Video:

AppointBee Features:

No More Double Bookings

If someone else has already booked an appointment, AppointBee can let them know & give them a better option at the same time!

Show Working Hours

Simply create a client’s holidays, days off, lunch times and meetings, so the system automatically takes the booking when they’re available.

Accept Payment Upfront

Unlike the traditional ways of booking, AppointBee gives your clients the option to accept payments upfront at the time of booking. This is great for local businesses because they get paid up front so you don’t have a problem with no-shows.

Google Calendar Integration

Instantly sync your Google calendar with AppointBee so that you can see all of your appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in your Google calendar.

Autoresponder Email & SMS Reminders

Notifications are automatically sent to people who have booked appointments so that expectant clients don’t miss them. This increases customer visits and saves the company revenue, which increases ROI.

Simple Client Dashboard

Your clients can check when their next appointment is from an easy-to-read bird’s view calendar that helps them stay organized.

Build Your Client’s Email List

Capture emails during the booking process, so you can maintain contact with clients after your initial sales. That way you’ll know what offers, people are interested in and be able to make future bookings easier. You can also offer them a digital marketing service so you can monetize every booking more easily.

Multiple Users For Each Business

AppointBee provides a centralized appointment system for your company in case you have multiple dentists, doctors, roofers, or other service providers. You can give each provider their own different appointment system through the system.

Super Easy To Set Up

One of the best things about AppointBee system is that anyone can fully use it, whether they have any experience or not. We offer clear & easy step-by-step instructions as well as a simple user experience that is great for newbies.

Export Data

Your clients can easily export their appointment details and statistics for offline use. This can be very important in helping to sell your client on the benefits of outsourcing.

Appointments Made Easy

Bookings are easy to manage with our dashboard. You can see available slots, bookings made, dates and times. Your client will also be able to take it easy if they need to. The booking form is clean, easy to use and works perfectly on all devices!

Mobile Optimized

AppointBee uses responsive design so your clients will never need to use a poorly designed form and lose their booking.

Customers can easily book appointments from their mobile devices with the use of a few simple taps – without having to pinch or zoom in.

Build-In Blogging

Your clients can provide additional information about their products, increase appointment bookings, and improve website search engine rankings using this funnel.

What? You mean they can even display images in your blog’s slider section to build trust and give it a professional look? That’s cool.

Simple Sales Reporting

Allow your client to see the transactions and details of customers they’ve interacted with this month in one spot. It’s also easy to make future appointments and keep track of what they’ve spent so far.

AppointBee Benefits:

  • Takes minutes to set up
  • Perfect for all local niches!
  • Works very well with existing websites!
  • Easily converts into a monthly passive income
  • Schedule booking system, super easy & effective
  • Local business owners can solve their desperate problem!
  • Step by step guide, how to win your first client right away!
  • “1 Click button” system to deploy on client’s sites in minutes
  • Perfect “foot in the door” service to win loyal local clients fast
  • Complete Software Done-For-You, no technical skills required!
  • Offer an untapped local service 99% of your competitors don’t offer
  • This is an excellent service to get clients eager to work with your company. It’s also a great foot in the door strategy that can help you start this project off strong
  • A leading local appointment software platform with no monthly fees or sneaky booking fees. No matter what kind of presenter you are, they have an amazing selection of packages & features to suit your needs

Who Will Benefit From APPOINTBEE?

AppointBee hosts a variety of booking software which allows you to take appointments, charge clients and send notifications. They also have a useful mobile app which lets you take reservations while on-the-go!

The AppointBee system can be a good fit for a lot of different businesses, whether you conduct in-person interactions with customers or do business in another way. Make an appointment service, it’s easy for almost all niches.

AppointBee performed very well, almost all niches:



Course Creators

Course Creators

Real Estate

Real Estate

Marketing Agencies

Market Agencies

Professional Services

Professional Services













& Many More….

Other salon software, beautician software, or hairdresser software is also available on the AppointBee app but they’re not as effective or easy to use.

AppointBee offers a fabulous service for you in terms of online booking at reasonable prices. Why not to try them out as a supplement or even hire them?

AppointBee Review & Bonuses:

Get a point-by-point guide on how to invest in AppointBee now, and unlock these limited time bonuses! Checkout the killer AppointBee Bonuses!

AppointBee Review

Bonus #1

DFY Facebook Ads To Get More Clients

DFY Niches FB Ads created by our designers in Hot Local Niches to help businesses get started and make it easier for them. Using AppointBee Services can be beneficial when you use their software to optimize appointments during your business hours.

Value $297

AppointBee Review

Bonus #2

Hassle Free QR Code Appointment Booking

Take a look at this module to turn your website into a QR code, so people visiting your area or reading Broucher can easily book appointments.

Value $197

AppointBee Review

Bonus #3

Client Closing PPT Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation for your Appointment Booking service where you talk about the stats, reasons and deadlines to help clients decide if they want to book with your business.

Value $297

AppointBee Review

Bonus #4

AppointBee Graphics Pack

Quickly get the word out about your appointment system services – it’s easy to generate leads from this amazing graphics package!

Value $247

AppointBee Review

Bonus #5

AppointBee DFY Logos In High Paying Niches

Try these “DFY Top Notch Local Niche Business” and Skyrocket it uses AppointBee Services by Maximizing Appointments

Value $347

AppointBee Review

Bonus #6

Get Training Webinar & 10X More Profit From AppointBee

Exclusive Training Webinar Invite to Learn how to Convince Clients to Buy Your Appointments System or Services

Value $997

AppointBee Review

Bonus #7

DFY Brochure To Land Local Businesses As Clients

Want to Close Local Clients Faster than Ever? Just change some info and print a new brochure. Use it, give it out, and close clients faster than ever!

The easiest way to attract local businesses is by offering them an appointment booking service.

Value $197

AppointBee Pros & Cons:

  • 100% Beginner friendly
  • Supports for all devices
  • No technical sills required
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7 support & regular updates
  • Schedule book, it’s stunning & easy
  • Effortless access to online payments
  • Step by step video tutorials available
  • Simple & effective online booking system
  • Booking Calendar synchronizes with Google
  • Fully responsive system, so it looks stunning on all devices
  • 100% cloud-based software, so nothing to install or download
  • AppointBee price and the features I couldn’t find better than this in the market, so there are no cons

FAQ: AppointBee Review

Is there Any Monthly Subscription Fee?

No Subscription or Monthly Fees.

Any Technical Skills or Experience to Use AppointBee?

The AppointBee is 100% beginner friendly.

Do you offer A Guarantee/Support/Training?

The AppointBee has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will run for 30 days, so you can use it without any worries.

We are committed to providing you with the support and guidance that you need to feel confident in our platform. Video Tutorials, Knowledgebase Documents, and an eBook Guide are all available for absolutely free.

Is AppointBee Mobile friendly?

The AppointBee is suitable for all devices.

Can I Install it on my Client’s website?

Yes, you can install or sell it as a service.

If I have any questions about AppointBee?

Yes, 24/7 support at

Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

You do! A lot of the content on your website is entirely yours.

Neither AppointBee nor any of their employees have rights to information that users send over and can’t contact them for any reason at all.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes! 30-day money-back guarantee

Can I integrate WordPress or my client’s existing site?

Yes, WordPress Theme and Plugin are available.

You can install it on any site as a plugin and follow our easy tutorials to set up.

How many sites can I install AppointBee?

With AppointBee unlimited, you can install it on as many websites as you want. Whether you’re a freelancer or have a client, you’ll get unlimited installs.

AppointBee Conclusion:

When I found AppointBee while doing some research on scheduling programs. They had a lot of features in their program without much cost or fine print, which made the decision very easy for me.

AppointBee provides the user with an excellent selection of features, making it one of the most useful apps on the market. It also offers quick customer support and is very receptive & cooperative when a problem comes up. Booking online is a common use for day-to-day life, not only business purposes.

The technology gives you an improved understanding of different applications and is practical for its utilization. The report gives you an improved understanding of employee progress & identifies new opportunities in your business.

The system has good controls for error correction and application simplicity. Booking create saved a ton of time on track employees, suppliers, and cash-ups compared to using excel in this.

Make an appointment extremely easy with AppointBee and suitable for all types of businesses. Plus, it provides excellent profits for both you and your customers.

AppointBee is the one of the best online booking system right now in the market.

Thank you for reading AppointBee Review! I hope it proves helpful in your decision to buy this system. It’s coming out with many free bonuses for the early buyers. I recommend acting now to avoid missing out on the best deal.

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