You are currently viewing Insta360 Flow Review: Easy Creative with Stunning Results

Insta360 Flow Review: Easy Creative with Stunning Results

Today we are going to explore Insta360 Flow review and this guide will give you exactly what you need.

The Insta360 Flow gimbal ($159) sees the 360-degree activity camera organization grow past its center market in the telephony space. The flow depends on computer-based intelligence to help precisely track subjects while recording and clashes with models like the DJI Osmo Portable 6 ($159) and the Zhiyun Smooth 5S ($169), the two of which offer comparable capabilities at about a similar cost. On account of its magnificent convenience, usability, and smooth execution, the Insta360 flow pull in front of its rivals to acquire our Editors’ Decision grant for cell phone gimbals.

Streaming Into Smartphone Video

The Insta360 flow comes in Stone Dim or Culmination White and is made of hard plastic. An elastic sleeve that fits over the handle gives you some additional grasp while shooting. There are two joints – one in the center and one close to the telephone holder – that turn to open and close the gimbal. You want to give it a little draw to unfurl it and delicately push it the other way to overlay it down.

The gimbal dimensions (HWD) 6.4 by 3.1 by 1.4 inches. It’s more modest than its nearest rival, the DJI Osmo Versatile 6, which folds to 7.4 by 3.3 by 1.7 inches. At the point when opened, the flow is 10.6 by 2.9 by 2.8 inches (contrasted and the Osmo’s 10.9 by 4.4 by 3.9 inches). The flow’s additional versatility when imploded has a major effect while pressing it for movement.

To the extent that telephone sizes go, the gimbal can convey handsets up to 10.6 ounces. For reference, the iPhone 14 Expert Max is one of the heavier telephones available at 8.47 ounces. The telephone cut, spreads to 3.3 inches, which is sufficiently huge to oblige large telephones (the iPhone 14 Genius Max is 3.05 inches, so it’ll fit even with a thick casing).

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You control the flow with a little wheel in the handle. It includes little pointer lights that let you know whether the gimbal is in Auto, Follow, Dish Follow, or POV mode. The following is the record button, a little joystick utilized for changing your point, and a pivot button that flips the telephone from the picture of the scene. You’ll find the power button on the lower part of the wheel. A little run wheel is folded over different controls, allowing you to zoom in and out. The wheel is delicate to contact, so you can slide your finger left or right to change the recording mode, which we’ll get to present. A trigger on the rear of the handle lets you rapidly recenter the gimbal or begin/quit following a subject.

The controls generally turn out great, however the touch wheel’s awareness can be an issue. I needed to rehash a signal a couple of times to inspire them to enroll. When you become accustomed to how hard it anticipates that you should squeeze, it becomes simpler, yet there’s somewhat of an expectation to learn and adapt.

If you have any desire to make the Stream longer, an implicit selfie stick grows the length by 8.5 inches, a similar measure of expansion presented by the Osmo Versatile 6.

Other Gimbals

While numerous gimbals incorporate amount you screw into the base, the Stream’s stand is incorporated into the lower part of the actual gadget. This implies you don’t have to convey it independently in an extras pack – you haul it out and are rapidly prepared to set the gimbal up for simple shooting. While the stand rises out of the lower part of the gimbal, the expansion pole extends from just beneath the telephone mounts, so they don’t hinder another. There’s an inherent virus shoe where you can mount extras like receivers.

The gadget unfurls and turn on with a solitary arm pivot close to the center of the gimbal. With an iOS gadget, the gimbal natural interfaces and springs up a warning to open the Insta360 application. You can begin catching a stable film in only a couple of moments. This component isn’t accessible with Android telephones.

Not at all like the Zhyiun Smooth S5, there’s no adjusting required. All things being equal, you just have to put the attractive clasp closer to the center of your telephone and the gimbal will work. Putting it too high or too low will cause the application to caution you in that capacity, however you must be a misguided place for it to be an issue. This is like the way the DJI Osmo Versatile 6 works.

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Batter Capacity

Battery duration is strong, with Insta360 assessing the gimbal goes for around 12 hours for each charge. In our testing, that number was genuinely precise. The interior battery, which is moderately enormous at 2,900mAh, charges by means of USB-C. It likewise fills in as a power bank and can charge an associated telephone for longer shooting meetings.


We got the Stream Maker Pack, which incorporates a few additional items, including a conveying case and a little fill flight embellishment. It costs $209, which isn’t terrible for the extra treats, particularly the light, which elements fluctuating splendor levels and can add an adaptability to your shots. You can likewise buy the embellishments independently in the event that you don’t need the entire Maker Pack, including a Spotlight ($24.99) and custom ornamental supplements.

Extraordinary App

The Insta360 application makes catching film and pictures with the gimbal simple, however the experience is somewhat preferred on an iPhone over on an Android telephone. This is generally on account of the fast open element accessible to iPhones referenced previously. The Flow application consequently pushes a notice to iPhones, considering close moment application opening when you turn the gimbal on. It’s something insignificant, yet it shaves a couple of moments off of the sendoff process.

When you’re in the application, however, the experience among Android and iOS is basically something very similar. This is an improvement over what’s accessible from DJI and Zhiyun, which pare down the element list essentially for Android gadgets. For instance, you can rapidly swipe between the modes on your telephone’s screen to take a 360 all-encompassing photograph or record a basic settled video.

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For further developed shots, a few layouts are incorporated to assist you with getting everything rolling in an element called Shot Genie. You actually need to casing and catch the shots, however the formats offer direction so even beginners can record connecting with scenes. There’s likewise Barrel Roll and Cart Zoom, two standard artistic impacts.

At the point when you’re completely finished, the application utilizes computer-based intelligence to assist with editing your shots for the most ideal film. Obviously, you can disregard the application completely assuming that you wish and utilize your telephone’s local video recording application to catch content.

Extreme Adaptability

There is no deficiency of shooting choices with the Insta360 Flow. The essential modes are Auto, Follow, Container Follow, and FPV (first-individual view). Auto works on the most common way of shooting — simply select an objective and the man-made intelligence will keep the subject (grown-up, kid, creature, object) revolved as you move around it.

Different modes let you assume command over the gimbal’s engines (skillet, slant, and roll). For instance, with Follow, the roll hub is locked, while the slant and dish engines follow the gimbal’s developments. With Container Follow, you get a locked skyline, and the camera follows the subject. What’s more, with FPV, the zoom wheel turns into a rotational control, which allows you to dial in the point you need to copy the recording you’d get from a robot as you push ahead.

There are a few optional modes too:

We truly like the Dynamic In addition to mode, which is intended for when you or the subject are moving rapidly. This mode proves to be useful for recording sports or other activity centered film.

Twofold squeezing the Switch button can rapidly change between YouTube-accommodating scene and TikTok-accommodating representation shooting. You can likewise change settings by squeezing, twofold squeezing, and triple-squeezing the trigger on the back. Each of the controls function admirably, however changing modes expects you to utilize the round dark control surface as a touch wheel. You swipe left or right to change however we viewed this activity as fussy; it frequently didn’t deal with the main attempt.

While the gadget is essentially intended for video. The selfie stick and mount give you choices for still photographs that would be remarkably difficult to catch without a gimbal. For instance, there’s a 360-degree display mode in the Insta360 application. And it takes a progression of connected photographs to make a delightful all-around picture. There’s likewise timeshift, timelapse, conventional scene, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Despite what mode we shot in, we got probably the smoothest film we’ve seen from a cell phone gimbal. Our outcomes with an Apple iPhone 14 Star Max (which has its very own portion adjustment highlights) were superb.

Keep It Consistent

With its fantastic subject following, simple to-utilize (yet high level) shooting modes, and conservative convenience. The Insta360 Flow is not difficult to prescribe to content makers, explorers, for a profoundly versatile gimbal. They get the help with catching super-smooth symbolism.

The Auto mode alone guarantees you get balanced out film out of the case speedier and simpler. Whatever’s conceivable with the DJI Osmo Portable 6 and the Zhiyun Smooth S5. What truly puts it in front of the opposition is size. The Insta360 Flow is altogether more modest than other smartphone gimbals, which makes it simple to add to your sack. Basically, it’s the best gimbal we’ve tried at the cost, procuring it our Editors’ Decision grant.

Pros & Cons of Insta360 Flow Review


  • Super convenient falling plan
  • Fast to begin shooting
  • Astonishingly steady film
  • Underlying stand
  • Extendable selfie stick


  • Fussy touch-based wheel controls
  • Auto send off for iPhone as it were.

Conclusion of Insta360 Flow Review

I hope in this Insta360 Flow review article covered as much as I can. This gimbal holds your telephone consistent for remarkably smooth symbolism and effectively implodes for movement without forfeiting dependability. This Insta360 Flow review well suitable for beginners.

Insta360 Flow Review FAQs

What is Insta360 Flow?

Insta360 Flow is another adjustment framework intended for use with a smartphone and Insta360 application. It really gives smooth and consistent film even while moving.

How does Insta360 Flow work?

Insta360 Flow utilizes a mix of electronic adjustment and simulated intelligence controlled following to keep your cell phone consistent while you move. The application utilizes object acknowledgment to follow your subject and keep it in the focal point of the edge.

What sort of film might I at any point shoot with Insta360 Flow?

Insta360 Flow is intended for use with your cell phone, so you can shoot a wide range of

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