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Leadono Review – Email Is Still The Best Way To Promote!

Thanks for choosing my article. I hope you’ll find all the information you need about Leadono Review. ADV Techie tries to give the best results for both tech-savvy and normal users, when it comes to digital services. Every single day, tech is getting an update, but we are not so, my reader should get valuable information each time coming to my blog.

Andrew Darius is a well known digital marketing professional, so it comes as no surprise that he knows the software development too.

Leadono one of the best products from Andrew Darius. He created many more digital products, especially for marketing all of them doing well in the online market.

So, Leadono is worth your money. You ask? I will check if it suits all your needs, and if I find out that it does, I’ll give you some my honest opinion today.

There are a lot of reviews out there claiming to tell you the truth about various business related products and services, but I didn’t want you to get burned so I created this Leadono review. Don’t just take my word for it—check out the next section of the review to find out how Leadono can help your business.

Leadono Review: What is Leadono?

Leadono is a tool that will help you to get those email accounts deactivated and at the same time, they will supply you with all of the leads so that you can try and promote. Its cloud-based and it has some great LDO technology that makes it super easy to capture verified emails because all you have to do is just hit or click on them.

You will be able to build your subscribers list without a website and get their email addresses with just one click. All their emails are verified, so you’ll be sure they’re reliable!

Leadono Review

You also get free traffic, which is the best traffic source on the internet. You earn referral commission for every sale made, it’s an incentivized system and has built-in traffic sources that work automatically

Leadono’s solution of capturing subscribers from mobile traffic and boosting list growth among desktop visitors is the biggest issue that most online businesses face. Leadono is solving it for you, providing protection against fake signups.

“Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail,” and so on might start collecting emails once you connect with them. This might benefit your email marketing efforts!


To collect leads you can use special links for subscribers directly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, get lead capture buttons on your website or blog or try great looking Leadono landing pages.

Leadono is the only native email app that not only offers direct integrations with more than 20 autoresponders but also Zapier integration to work with other autoresponders too.

With this real powerful tool, you can connect to any form of an autoresponder you want, upload the exported file of subscribers and so on. You could even have it connect to obscure or custom autoresponders! You can download your subscriber list at any time too.

Leadono Review: Overview

VendorAndrew Darius
Front End Price$17
Launch Date11 AM EST – 29/07/22
Launch EndsMidnight – 02/08/22
Scam Or LegitLegit
Official SiteClick Here
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
NicheAutopilot Lead Generator Tool

How To Start Leadono?

Easy 3 simple to start your journey:

Step 1

Login to your account

Step 2

Create Leadono campaign, which takes just minutes.

Step 3

Login to your account

That’s it. Now activated your groundbreaking system.

Leadono Review: Demo Video

Watch the Quick Leadono demo video:

Leadono Review: Pricing & Upsells:

When you buy today, the Front End Offer will only cost you $27. When this product is launched, the price might go up to $37.

After the launch date (8/2/2022), the price will increase to $67. Our front-end access is independent of any other upgrades. It works just fine on its own, but it’s also limited.

There are currently 4 more features to consider if you want to get the most out of Leadono. Essentially, these are just optional add-ons for your convenience. Utilize the advantage of a package deal.

Leadono Review: Bundle Deal Offer $297

If you want upsells, get Leadono and you’ll have full access to all of them. The price for the whole funnel is $297 all in once, and includes everything!

Product Deals! Use LEDONO50OFF to get $50 off ($247). Use the coupon code before expiring on the 2nd of August 2022

Upsell 1: Leadono Pro $57

If you upgrade to PRO, you’ll be able to remove Leadono branding & links from the footer and connect your app up to 10 custom domains and 80 social apps.

Upsell 2: Leadono Luxury $37

The luxury upgrade lets you email with unlimited reminders until the person opens the email or unsubscribe. You can use the autoresponder function to sync leads to multiple lists, send them special offers and track their progress with barcodes or retargeting pixels. You’ll receive stats, emails weekly.

Upsell 3: Leadono Platinum

Get everything you’ll ever need when you upgrade to Platinum! It’s only $37/month, $97 annually or our one-time payment of $297. Cancel anytime and keep all your hard work!

You can get unlimited leads, unlimited contact information, an incentive program for referring employees to the service and you also have the opportunity to connect your accounts related to other apps. Updates are sent indefinitely, which means you’ll never miss again.

Upsell 4: Leadono White Label

If you need 100 clients or 500 clients, the prices are respectively 197 and 297 dollars.

Leadono Review: Bonuses

Bonus 1

Get $1,825 in bonuses! Offer ends soon

leadono review bonus 1

Plus, you get Leadono 2 for free as a time-sensitive bonus The beta release of this update will be out even earlier, before it releases to the general public. If you take Leadono today, you will get Leadono 2 for free, as well as early access.

Value: $497

Bonus 2

leadono review bonus 2

You get a time-sensitive bonus, unlimited page views and campaigns. Obviously, we can’t keep giving you premiums forever, so we’ll be disabling this bonus for new purchases as soon as possible.

Value: $700

Leadono Review: Overview

Email list is the key to success for your internet business. Even if you don’t have any SEO skills or are a celebrity, you need an email list in order to succeed online and make sales.

We used to be able to cut a bunch of lead lists, but nowadays it’s getting increasingly difficult. Those days when all you had to do was throw an opt in form on the page and most people were eager to fill it out and submit are over.

Don’t forget mobile traffic. 50% of traffic comes from it and it’s likely increasing. On mobile devices, filling out forms can be a nightmare because people have to type everything on an inaccurate keyboard that is prone to touch errors. This can lead to mistakes and resulting misspells.

It is way easier to sign up for/login to a website these days. That’s because companies make it easy by allowing you to go through the process with just one touch of a button instead of having to type everything out. There is an interesting study that has shown how much better results are when signing up & logging in to a site with a touch interface for mobile users, rather than going through all the traditional steps.

One interesting thing that some companies do is text you a login link if you want to access their website. You just need to touch the link in your text message, then it will immediately log you into the site. Let’s move onto the next section of my Leando Review and take a look at how I test their experience.

Leadono Review: Features & Benefits

This app has so many features, but just a few of them made it worth the cost. Most importantly, it is easy to use and very affordable.

  • World’s First Leads Automation App With LDO Technology
  • Automatically Sync Leads With Major Autoresponders
  • Boost Results With Smart Email Reminders
  • Utilize Incentivised Viral Referral Traffic System
  • Cloud Software, nothing to download or install
  • Simple 3 Step Process – No Prior Experience Required
  • Capture Verified Emails With A Touch or A Click
  • Replace Outdated Opt-In Forms With Smart Buttons
  • Add Content In Any Language. Use App In 9 Languages
  • Includes FREE Software Updates

Leads sync automatically with the major autoresponds

Leadono integrates with a lot of autoresponders, provides a lot of integration options, and even allows for you to use HTML forms for connections.

You can also download a list of your subscribers and upload it to any autoresponder. Leadono’s one click opt-in is a great button to any landing page or squeeze page, and using it could literally send your results sky high.

Easy Find (People Just Touch Or Click A Button)

You have an awesome selection that people can find fast. And you don’t have to futz with whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

One of the best ways to increase conversion rates is to make your checkout process as simple & straightforward as possible. Leadono’s smart LDO technology can automatically show platforms that your visitors are already logged into at the top of the page, which means they have one less step to go through before finishing their purchase!

You need to let people sign up for your mailing list- just click Continue.

Simple & Easy Customization Technology

On top of that, you can make these pages even more unique with modern customization technology. You can customize the content, font and background color and add an awesome background photo.

You can use different languages for the content, too. So, you could have one campaign for the U.S., another for Spain and yet another for Canada – all in their own languages!

Simply Collect Amazon & Apple Buyers’ Email Data’s

Our email marketing software also enables you to find and collect emails from a whole range of platforms. You can use these to promote your business, collect leads or sell products.

It’s a good thing to know that Amazon will pay you a commission for everything people buy if you make someone click your link.

It means that you’ll receive commission on any products your subscribers buy, including Amazon products. You can have Leadono automatically jump to an Amazon only campaign and connect the autoresponder there, which is set to send emails at a certain time.

Imagine sending repeated emails to Amazon buyers and each time you succeed in selling an item. The best way to do this is by targeting iOS users, which will allow you to boost your income.

Imagine if you could make even more money from your app by referring it to other people. There are networks who will pay you for installing promotional apps and Leadono lets you create a campaign that’s targeted towards just Apple users. You could use your autoresponder to send them the link

Once you have a list of just Apple users, you start to see that the doors open for building a commission from app installs.

automated reminder popups can help improve your results

There are lots of ways of getting people on your email list, but one effective technique is to use a reminder system. Ledono allows you to have reminders pop up on your site.

Pop-ups have become a common advertising technique for many businesses. They are displayed either when a visitor is about to leave your page, or after they have scrolled through the content some percent, or just after viewing it for a certain time period.

Visitors can state a date and time when they want to be reminded about their session so that they can work on it later. They will be sent an e-mail with a link that allows them to continue working from where they left off in the meantime.

Utilize Your Paid Ads

You might also want to check out ads as a way to gain momentum with your referral process or increase the amount of time you spend on your marketing. Note that this could be the highest ROI of an ad campaign you’ve ever seen.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon product ads and YouTube or Gmail for your social media advertising, people who clicked on these ads already have an account with the site.

You can either send people to Leadono’s lead capture page or use a special link that you can leave on social media platforms. Note: this is only for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

If you’ve ever used paid ads, you know that Leadono can really improve your profit margins. If these are new to you and haven’t had much success with them before, Leadono may be the turn around for you.

Effortless Lead Magnet Output

If you want, Ledono lets you upload a file with your lead magnet directly to your account. So subscribers will be able to access the eBook from the link in the new tab.

Leadono’s LDO will help you skyrocket your list building and eventually see more sales, by giving you the ability to collect email addresses from people who want to be incentivized

Leadono is a new platform that will revolutionize the way the world sleeps.

Innovative Referral Traffic Method

Leadono uses LDO, a combined incentivized referral traffic system and maximum social engagement technology. With our instant traffic system, you can turn your subscribers into brand ambassadors and they’ll share your page with anyone they know.

It also turns lead capture pages into viral referral systems. This can result in monster amounts of new subscribers just by word-of-mouth, which you can do with the same simple customization technology.

To make your viral referral marketing grow even faster, you can set rewards for both invitees and referrers with automatic reward delivery for both. All you need to do is set a number of people who need to be invited in order for the rewards to be delivered

Can you tell me more about how you make use of milestone reward promotions in your business? If I sign up a lot of people, then I get a big prize, right?

Leadono offers LDO technology that makes it easy to link documents from different platforms by simply clicking or touching the share button. You can do this on major social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Leadono Review: Pros & Cons

  • Utilize the viral referral traffic method
  • Just a single touch verify email address
  • Without coding easy customize lead pages
  • Take full control of the entire sales process
  • Few clicks to replace outdated opt-In forms
  • Take advantage of custom domain for reminders pop ups
  • Convert your website into a messenger lead magnet system
  • Check your open rates and click through rates increase randomly
  • Make your anticipation and authority instantly for your market and niche
  • Increase your conversions 10x with ultra target and warm up lead method
  • You need to buy at least one product before you can unlock more features.
  • No complaints about my company, it works well for us. I can see how it might not work as well for other businesses with a different clientele

Conclusion: Leadono Review

Leadono helps you bring in more subscribers and turn them into buyers. Buyers for your own product or businesses, as well as your clients’ products and services. Email is STILL the best way to promote, and it’ll keep being that way for a long time.

It’s also the only medium that doesn’t depend on any social network or tech company. There are a lot of messaging methods on the market, but they keep changing the rules and leaving users in the dust.

Email is the single most important asset for any business and if you’re into it, this software is a must! Outdated opt-in boxes can be replaced by widgets that are smart & efficient.

I hope this article will guide you, better for deciding to buy. Leadono review and bonus covered as much as I can, now the choice is yours.

“a better digital solution”

Leadono Review: FAQ

Tutorial Available?

Yes, they provide a pretty detailed “how-to” tutorial.

Any Additional Cost For Update?

All updates for Leadono 1.x are free for the duration of your license and even if you don’t order today, you will still get to upgrade to new version 2 with early beta access

Is there any monthly subscription fee?

While currently Leadono is being offered with a one time payment. They plan to switch to a recurring membership model in the future and new customers will need to pay a monthly fee for software use. However, people who purchase now will benefit from a legacy deal so they won’t have this monthly cost.

Installation Required?

No, Leadono is cloud software so you don’t need to install anything on your computer

Email marketing still worth in 2022?

Email marketing is still worth in 2022 because it’s one of the most effective marketing channels. It has been found that email marketing generates a 40% higher ROI than other channels such as social media and search.

It’s also becoming more important as time goes on. Email is the most popular channel for customer service, with 90% of customers preferring to contact brands by email. This means that brands will need to invest more in their email campaigns if they want to stay competitive in the future.

Refund Policy?

Of course. If you decide Leadono isn’t quite the right fit for you within the next 30 days, simply send us your receipt and we’ll promptly refund your purchase. You’ll still be able to keep anything you’ve already done with your account, however.

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