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The Sketch Genius Review – Easy Convert Normal To Creative People

sketch genius How Does it Work?

Sketch Genius is an awesome site that can help you create amusing 3D drawings and animated videos using your own photo. All you need to do is go through the steps & get to preview your lovely creation.

Sketch Genius has tons of animated themes to choose from like Charcoal Sketch, Animated Sketch Notebook, 3D Crayon Sketch, Chalkboard Sketch & much more! Simply just write your script and the AI will take care of everything else – slideshows, effects, videos etc. all within a few minutes

Sketch Genius to find images for your artwork without a sketch. Simply type in keywords and you’ll have access to millions of royalty-free assets. The tool is very easy to use, as long as you have some prior knowledge on video design or animation. If not, then the only software you need is this one.

sketcht genius demo video

Sketch Genius is an application for designers and content creators to design and create images.

Sketch Genius Features

Unique Sketch Animation – #1 Crayon Sketch Videos

Sketch any photo with FULL-COLOUR crayon style. Cutting-edge technologies included:

  • Turn ANY Photo into Color Sketch Video
  • Artificial Intelligence Color and Shape Detection
  • Machine Learning Shape & Border Detection
  • Create Ultra-long Video Presentation

Unique Sketch Animation – #2 Charcoal Sketch Videos

Attract, engage, and convert more prospects into sales with unique attention-grabbing Charcoal Sketch Videos!

Create videos that tell a compelling story and grab your viewer’s attention till the end!

Unique Sketch Animation – #3 Animated Notebook Videos

Pencil sketch inside a fully animated notebook with a flipping page for ultra-engaging storytelling.

Create videos for any marketing goal and captivate your audience to drive results. Sales videos, product presentations, educational videos are now fun and easy to create!

Unique Sketch Animation – #4 Chalkboard Sketch Videos

Turn photos into Chalkboard sketch videos with incredible detail.

Create powerful videos that look like a work of art in any niche or topic.

Create educational videos, product demos, and explainer videos to attract new customers for your business or clients!

Unique Sketch Animation – #5 Color Pencil Sketch Videos

Pencil Sketch photos in full color for multi-purpose video animation suitable for all video types!

Unleash your creativity and produce professional videos without any technical skills or experience.

Explainer videos, social media, product presentations, explainer videos, and anything else you can imagine can be created in minutes!

Unique Sketch Animation – #6 Blueprint Sketch Videos

Turn photos into unique Blueprint sketch videos, unlike anything you have seen before.

Grab more eyeballs with pattern-interrupt sketch videos.

Perfect for real estate, architecture, and all other marketing videos!

Unique Sketch Animation – #7 Animated Sketch Flipbook Videos

Create a lasting impact on your audience with color sketch flipbook videos.

Boost engagement and reduce bounce rates with high-impact videos that grip your audiences and turn them into sales.

Sketch Genius Pros & Cons

  • Simple to use software with a clear layout
  • Create a stunning video within 1 minutes
  • Commercial Rights Included!
  • Step By Step Video Training Included
  • Built-in library of Images, Color Image to Sketch Converter
  • Board Switcher, Add Your Own Watermark, Built-in Transitions
  • Element Speed Changer, Color Changer
  • Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality
  • 30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Added extra 8 pre-made styles
  • Create or Record your own voice
  • Subtitles in over 50 languages can be created
  • They’re great for presentations, personal videos, and business-related videos
  • Contains speech-to-text transcription, automatic color detection, photo-to-3D sketch conversion, and more
  • Comes with royalty-free images and music that can be used for making or slideshows to help you save time and money.
  • Video templates provide a way to make professional looking videos without much effort. You can modify them to your needs or use one as is
  • Live preview options are not available for the sketch animation
  • The premium plan has some features that the free version doesn’t
  • GIF format not supported to export video
  • Technically The Software Runs Perfectly Fine From My End (No Issue Detected)

Sketch genius Conclusion

What causes me to suggest Sketch Genius?
Sketch Genius is a great video editor that lets you make professional-looking 3D sketch videos in no time. Upload any text for subtitles, captions or speech bubbles and add your video to YouTube or Vimeo! You can edit your videos with various effects, swap colors, and even upload your own voice-over. It also comes with pre-made music for you to use as well as a library of images.

Sketch Genius can help you to create and share: sketches, whiteboard videos, video tutorials, and even commercials. Let your drawings do all the work. With Doodle Builder, our freehand sketch Editor makes it easy to create sketches or recordings that will wow your audience. No need for complicated skills!

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