You are currently viewing YoDrive Review – Host UNLIMITED | Any Media Files at Blazing-Fast Speed!

YoDrive Review – Host UNLIMITED | Any Media Files at Blazing-Fast Speed!

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YoDrive Review – Introduction

YoDrive created by Dr Amit Pareek (Techpreneur & Marketer)

So, YoDrive is worth your money. You ask? I will check if it suits all your needs, and if I find out that it does, I’ll give you some my honest opinion today.

There are a lot of reviews out there claiming to tell you the truth about various business related products and services, but I didn’t want you to get burned so I created this YoDrive review. Don’t just take my word for it—check out the next section of the review to find out how YoDrive can help your business.

YoDrive Review 2

Overview Of YoDrive Review

VendorDr Amit Pareek
Launch Date03/08/22
Front-End Price$34
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official SiteClick Here
Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheCloud Based Software

YoDrive Review – What Is It?

In the Digital Era in full force, everyone is interested in a quick and easy user experience. Video viewers, website visitors, customers, and clients are all of the same mindset that they want an intuitive interaction with your site.

Nowadays, it is difficult to host things, such as Videos, Pages, Websites and so on (like common cloud-storage services) on shared/VPS or dedicated servers due to the low availability offered by these types of hosting.

Use YoDrive to host, manage and deliver images, files, docs, videos, and other content at an unmatched speed with really fast CDNs. And this platform is simple to use.

This software comes with plenty of great features, most notably the ability to create and sell your own services on your website or through freelancing platforms like Fiverr & Upwork.

Upload new files to your file share or just drop them on the YoDrive homepage. It supports most types of files: videos, images, audio/document files. You can use the URL or the code of your file.

YoDrive is an easy-to-use, highly efficient social media presence with a single line of code and multi resolutions for any device.

You can use the code on any page or you could even get a secure file sharing URL from my team to make your content available anywhere online.

The uploading of media files to the cloud has never been easier. You can do it on your phone, tablet, computer, laptop or even through a desktop browser… wherever you have the file stored is just a few clicks away

No, the most important prerequisite for marketers today is speed. With YoDrive’s fast CDNs, media can be shared with ease and efficiency.

YoDrive How To Start?

Easy setup and activate your business with 3 simple steps

#Step 1

Step 1


YoDrive is easy to use – just drag and drop your files or upload them from your PC. It supports most types of files – videos, Images, audios, documents etc.

#Step 2

Step 2

Get File URL

YoDrive lets you share your media to as many devices as possible without worrying about internet speeds. You get a line of code with just one click, that is optimized clear across the board.

#Step 3

Step 3

Publish & Profit

The best way to start generating traffic and cash online is by installing our pay-per-click software. Upload the code onto any webpage and you’re good to go!

Bonus Commercial License Included for Limited Time!

Use Coupon Code “YODRIVE” for an Additional 10% Discount

YoDrive Features:

  • You can manage all your files with one central dashboard. Store videos, spreadsheet, images, audio files and zip files.
  • Super-Fast Delivery is the Way to Go! – It Increases Engagement, Generates Leads and Drives Sales
  • Watch High-Definition Videos of Your Training, Sales, or Demo Anywhere
  • Ready to Tap Into The HUGELY Lucrative eLearning Industry? – Deliver Your Videos, Docs & PDF Files On Done-For-You And Gorgeous Doc Sharing Sites
  • Get your website, landing pages, and online shops, speeding up by using our app to optimize the images and videos.
  • Build Your Online Business – Deliver Your Digital Products Fast & Secured
  • Tips On Generating More Leads & Sales Locally – Get Freebies For Your Subscribers Without Fuss
  • Share your files privately with clients, customers & team members who need to work on those files.
  • Free hosting is included, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 250 GB of storage space
  • Get a FREE limited time COMMERCIAL license!
  • We offer Elegant, SEO Optimized & 100% Mobile Responsive File Share Pages.
  • Inbuilt Lead Management System
  • Get immediate access to your files anywhere, anytime!
  • Encrypted with SSL, strong passwords, and 2FA enabled
  • 30 Days of Online Data Backup Means You’ll Never Lose Your Precious Files & Data
  • Single Dashboard To Manage All Your Files
  • Share files easily – search through file contents and preview them with a single click.
  • With our high-end video player, you will be able to present your videos with stunning clarity.
  • Upload your files to see real-time data downloads, shares, and more
  • Easy and intuitive-to-use software with step-by-step video content training.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly & Purely Cloud Based Software
  • Live Chat is an excellent customer support option that’s available 24/7

Benefits: YoDrive Review

Here’s the best cloud-based content hosting platform out there, it’ll store and deliver all your files & videos really fast.

Unlimited Everything

Hosting, Managing and Publishing Unlimited PDFs, Docs, Audios, Videos & Zip Files are Easy with VARENGO

Robust & Proven Solution

Powered battle-tested architecture is serving 133 million+ marketing files with ease.

50+ Cool Features In Store

We’ve done everything, we can create an unbeatable experience for you.

Fast & Easy

Deliver All Your Files at Lightning Speed with CDNs Support

No Worries of Paying Monthly

This Launch special is a limited offer and we’ve bundled all of its benefits for you for one low price.

YoDrive Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Live Training: Learn how to drive from home and make 0-10k a month/$1000

If you’re interested in starting a business, then this FREE training might be for you. We’ll show you how to create a successful ‘six figure’ business and three lucky attendees will have the opportunity to win $100 cash prizes by getting their questions answered live at the end of our talk.

Bonus #2

How To Start An Online Coaching Business

Learn how to start an online coaching business and make the most of your time by combining YoDrive Reloaded with your passion. YoDrive Reloaded will get you the best results compared to if you just used one of these two on their own.

Bonus #3

Lead Generation Workshop

Get tips and tricks on generating laser targeted leads through YoDrive Reloaded. Not only does it save you time and money, but it also comes with long-term business benefits when used with YoDrive Reloaded.

Bonus #4

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Make a ton of money with affiliate marketing! Just watch our free video tutorials to learn how you can do it even if you’re just starting out. Join YoDrive Reloaded, like us, on Facebook & YouTube, and see how long it takes for your business to take off!

Total Value of $3300

YoDrive Pros & cons

  • Up to 30 days File recovery 
  • YoDrive Commercial & Personal
  • Manage & Share Multiple Files Easily
  • Deliver Your Client Projects Fast & Secure
  • Single dashboard To Manage All Your Files 
  • Fully Cloud Based, So Easy Access Files Anytime, Anywhere 
  • Go For Unlimited Viral Traffic & Leads From Easy File Sharing
  • High Secured Support with SSL & OTP Enabled Login System
  • Webinar services, CRM integrations, file storage, photo resources
  • Engage Your Visitor With Spectacular Trainings Videos & PDF Docs
  • Upload Your Logo To Doc Channel And Share Files On Your Branded Pages
  • Increase Your Website Speed with Fast Loading & Optimize Right Format & Size Images
  • You can track every visitor on your sharing pages with ease by Segmenting them. They’ll be categorized according to their behavior
  • So far I couldn’t find any issue

Bonus Commercial License Included for Limited Time!

Use Coupon Code “YODRIVE” For An Additional 10% Discount

FAQ: YoDrive Review

Do I need to download or install?

It’s 100% web-based and hosted on the cloud so you never have to download anything. It works across all browsers & devices with no downloads required.

Is my investment risk free?

You can be confident that your money is safe with us -we don’t go back on our promises. However, it’s important to give us a genuine reason so we know more deeply what kind of help you need. We do offer an unconditional money back guarantee though, don’t worry!

Are YoDrive Windows and Mac compatible?

YES! YoDrive is a service that runs on the web and works across all browsers, so you can use it on any device.

Are you charging any monthly fees?

There are NO monthly fees for the launch period. When that ends, you’ll never have to pay again. However, for an additional monthly fee you can upgrade to other features that can provide even more benefits. These are not mandatory in any way but may offer increased benefits as an upsell.

Any training or support for my questions?

There’s a step-by-step video guide in the members area which shows you how you can start quickly and easily. Whenever you get stuck, we’ll give you live chat customer support to help with anything.

Is YoDrive all compliant with the rules?

Yes, we have a platform built by following all guidelines and regulations. We have made efforts in order to follow all the necessary guidelines and regulations. Don’t forget to read a lot about third-party services (Oppyo) before you use them in your business.

What is the duration of the YoDrive launch special deal?

As a SAAS, we’ll provide services to you for the next 60 months. The reasonable thing would be to renew your service with us for another 60 months afterwards. To celebrate our founder members buying with us, we’re giving a complimentary renewal to all our founders.

I am an existing customer, how much I need to pay extra for YoDrive?

We’re giving YoDrive for free as a BIG feature upgrade. So no worries about having to pay anything extra. Your account will be upgraded automatically to the 2.0 version and all features will show up. If you have any queries, just let us know!

How YoDrive is different from other tools in the market?

Perhaps our comparison chart with other service providers will help you make up your mind on who to pick. We like to brag about how good our software is of course – and it really is, being cutting-edge and all. But we won’t do that right now.

YoDrive Conclusion:

YoDrive works very well and is easy to use for all types of businesses. Plus, it provides excellent profits for both you and your clients.

Thank you for reading YoDrive Review! I hope it proves helpful in your decision to buy this system. It’s coming out with many free bonuses for the early buyers. I recommend acting now to avoid missing out on the best deal.

“a better digital solution”

Bonus Commercial License Included for Limited Time!

Use Coupon Code “YODRIVE” for an Additional 10% Discount

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